Smack Talk

The progress on my interactive basketball hoop is very slow due to weather conditions in Pennsylvania that have delayed the shipment of the hoop I plan to use for this project.  In the meantime, I did some research on since I want the hoop to “trash talk” the user if he/she misses a shot, or encourage the user if he/she makes a basket. I wanted these messages to reflect on basketball players in both the present and the past, hence the use of basketball-reference.  These messages will be communicated on the computer screen that accompanies the basketball hoop using Max 6.  The messages that I have come up with follow.

Encouraging Messages

1. I didn’t know Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash was playing this game, dang! Career 90% free throw shooter.

2. With the way you’re shooting, you’re well on your way to beating 76ers Wilt Chamberlain’s single game scoring record (100 points).

3. Holy clutch!  You’re shooting like Ray Allen in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals!

4. Your form is as smooth as Michael Jordan’s fade-away

5. Reggie Miller hit 68-straight free throws, have you hit more?

Trash Talk

1. Houston Rockets Center Hakeem Olajuwon had over 3800 blocks in his career, is he guarding you?

2. Shaquille O’Neal of the Los Angeles Lakers shot 53% from the free throw line in his career, are you trying to be worse?

3. Golden State Warriors guard Rick Barry shot his free throws underhand.  Maybe give that a try…

4. Orlando Magic guard Nick Anderson choked and missed four consecutive in the 1995 NBA Finals. Don’t feel too bad about yourself…

5. Clank! Are we in Detroit? Is Andre Drummond in the house?

I don’t expect this product to be highly educational, I just want it to be fun for both hoop fans, and non-hoop fans.  In my next post I hope to let you know of the actual progress of the hoop itself and the programming that will go along with it.


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